Is your business still sexy?

With the rise of the tech giants, many other industries are finding it harder to attract top talent. Even the big brands – whether it be traditional retailers, banks or media businesses, it can be hard to compete with the likes of Amazon, Google and Facebook when it comes to attracting the best people.

A big part of our role as Recruitment Consultants is talking to prospective candidates, and getting a feel for their motivations and drivers when seeking out the next career move – the majority of whom will be passive jobseekers. Based on our research, we’ve pulled together a list of the top 7 things that will help your business stand out in today’s talent market…

1.      Invest in your office environment – A clean, modern office space, along with hi-spec technology and a fast internet connection really is an investment. Not only will your productivity be higher, but your staff will be happier

2.      Ensure a healthy Work/Life balance – Most people really value their leisure time, and working 12+ hours a day is just not healthy. If you have a project deadline that requires staff to work overtime, consider offering time off in lieu once the project is delivered. Fixed breaks in the project on a periodic basis can also be an option to combat nostalgia. Make it work for your business, but it should always be a “give and take” approach.

3.      Reward the good things – People are paid to do a job, but that shouldn’t be the end of it. An impromptu lunch, bonus or even just a thank you and a pat on the back from senior management can go a long way to making somebody feel valued.

4.      Make sure your pay structure is competitive – As long as the candidate’s expectations are transparent and realistic from the get-go, pay them what they’re worth and forget about the low ball. Quibbling over a couple of £k at offer stage can make the difference between someone being completely bought in and raring to go, versus questioning if it’s the right move after all.

5.      Teamwork makes the dream work – encourage regular team events, whether that be a large company event or a smaller team outing. These informal affairs create culture and encourage collaboration. Oh, and don’t forget about the contractors, they’re still part of the team!

6.      Build a culture of Respect – Nobody should have to put up with a manager who leads through fear. However well somebody performs, if they treat others poorly they are doing more harm to your business than good. If you have high turnover of staff in a particular area, it probably needs addressing.

7.      Give people the opportunity to make an impact – People want to feel like there is an outcome to their efforts. All too often we hear candidates tell us they are a “small cog in a big wheel”, and this doesn’t need to be the case. For example, if you have a huge transformation programme, then consider breaking it down into a portfolio of smaller projects and giving people real ownership. Financials aside, engagement is key to successful delivery

Is there something we are missing that helps your business stand out from the crowd? Please let me know at