Everybody is a Leader

In conversation with Billy Ferguson, CTO at Thincats

Action, Impact, Growth | Podcast

Luke sits down with Billy Ferguson, CTO at Thincats to discuss his unique take on how to build and lead a team. 

Having worked at larger businesses previously, Billy talks about the increased importance of culture, peer networks and hiring right when in a smaller environment. He openly discusses the tech choices he has made, the opportunity / cost associated with them and why you don't have to be at the bleeding edge to gain a competitive advantage.


  • Leadership style - Everybody is a leader

  • Culture - Run, change, transform

  • Talent - Hiring right

  • Growth mindset - Why growth matters

  • Getting things done - Small company speed

  • Peer network - Building for success

  • Tech choices - Neo tech & a lack of debt

  • The competition - Opportunity / cost

  • Balance - The mental health triangle

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