Leveraging differences to fuel success

In conversation with Geline Midouin is Executive Director and COO at A&O Shearman

Geline Midouin is Executive Director and COO at A&O Shearman, a top 10 global law firm. Having moved to the US from the Caribbean as a child, Geline carved out her success by working her way up within the Media industry, before transitioning into the very different world of legal. Geline has harnessed her differences, turning them into her superpower, and then went on to empower her team to do the same. 


0:00     Intro
01:11    Surround yourself with people who are different
03:13    Firm values
04:10    Inclusive leadership
05:57    Question and engage
08:48    Adjusting leadership style
13:13    Confidence in bring a new perspective
15:52    Seeing issues at a two, not a 10
18:11    Finding Solutions
20:44    Creating accountability
24:04    Transitioning into a new industry
27:39    Mediocracy is not something that I strive for
29:31    Appreciating people
31:48    North star, goals, and a plan to get there
34:58    Think, and dream bigger
37:53    Diversity and the importance of long-term thinking
40:52    Impacting others