Product Leadership 101

In conversation with Ritu Soni, a product leader turned Entrepreneur who's passion for product innovation is infectious.

In this episode Luke sits down with Ritu Soni shares valuable insight on achieving best in class product management and discusses her journey from India to the UK, experience of working at a number of leading global fintechs and her attitude to moving forwards in life.


0:00 Intro

01:48 Delivering business value

03:49 Unified customer & business KPIs

05:43 Knowing when to say no

10:28 Product differentiation

15:33 Product personality

16:50 Structure for success

20:46 Commerciality

23:00 Pride in product

25:49 Key ingredients of a successful team

27:37 Diversity and Empowerment

32:00 Owning failure

36:08 Resilience

36:57 Reinvention

41:42 No day is doomsday

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