Qurated's Employee Feedback

Building an engaged team, with a clear sense of purpose.

We are delighted with the feedback from our first Annual Employee Survey. Our survey was launched earlier this year, serving as a tool to understand how closely we are aligning with our mission, engaging our team, and creating an environment of innovation, growth, and employee satisfaction. The insights gathered will act as a compass to ensure alignment not only with these goals, but also alignment between the individual aspirations of our team members and our overarching corporate ethos.

Our survey delved into all facets of our organisational culture, including training, development, progression, promotions, benefits, incentives, and opportunities for advancement. With an impressive 94% response rate, the results not only showcase our teams dedication, but also their investment in the evolution and improvement of Qurated Network.

Response rate
feel supported to achieve their career goals
feel valued and included

Clarity of Purpose

Our findings revealed extraordinary levels of engagement and satisfaction among our team members. Of the sample, an outstanding 95% reported to either agree or strongly agree that they:  

  • Are eager to give their best at work, embodying two of our core values, Action & Impact.  
  • Have clarity in their roles and expectations and are well-informed about how these align with our broader organisational goals – a testament to our collective mission.  
  • Feel a sense of inclusion and autonomy, affirming our commitment to a supportive and empowering workplace. 

Strong engagement and satisfaction responses, such as these, suggest buy-in and long-term commitment to growing with our business and set the stage as we explore opportunities for the further evolution of Qurated.  

Reaching Potential

We exist to enable people and businesses to reach their full potential, starting with enabling our people to reach their full potential.  

A striking endorsement of this, and a standout statistic from the survey is that 100% of respondents felt they are given enough support to achieve their career progression goals within our business. This highlights our dedication to personal and professional development, ensuring that every team member has the tools and opportunities to grow within Qurated Network. We provide this through a variety of resources, from external and internal training, wider investment in development (on average £2,000 per person last year), workshops, goal-setting meetings, check-ins, peer mentoring and consistent feedback.

We strive to give our people a platform for growth, and it appears from the results, we are succeeding in that across the board.  

Proactive Feedback Implementation

Finally, we asked our people for their suggestions, further adding to our usual feedback loop and ensuring everyone was given the opportunity to have their say, anonymously. In doing this, the survey brought to light a wealth of constructive feedback, from the implementation of a new mentoring programme, phase one of which is currently underway and proving successful, to suggestions for training topics and focus points to add to our weekly workshop sessions, and additional benefits to tie into our pre-existing offering.  

To date, more than 75% of these suggestions have either already been implemented or are currently in the works for implementation in Q2. This responsiveness and turning feedback into actionable strategies is another direct reflection of our commitment to our people and our core values. 

Our Path Ahead

The insights from our Annual Employee Survey are invaluable as we continue to refine our strategies and strengthen our culture. The high engagement levels, coupled with the enthusiastic forward-looking participation from our team, are a reassuring sign we are on the right path towards setting new standards for our people and our industry. 

At Qurated, our people and our culture are something we truly believe set us apart, and we strive to maintain and nurture that as we grow, recognising this can be a challenge for any expanding business so it is encouraging to see our people value our culture just as much as we do and are invested in working hard to maintain it.  

As we look ahead, the involvement and enthusiasm of our people in both our culture and our journey will be our greatest assets in navigating challenges and seizing new opportunities. We are excited to continue our exciting trajectory, with each team member playing a pivotal role in shaping Qurated’s future. 

If you’re interested in working with a forward-thinking company that values people, growth, and innovation, reach out to our Head of Talent, Emily Huxtable, to learn more about making an impact with Qurated Network.