Taming the Change Dragon

In conversation with Ian Povey, Board Member and Advisor of SWIFT and The Payments Association, CIO of Payments at Natwest

Ian Povey is Mr Payments, with an illustrious career spanning leading global banks, Silicon Valley and now a board member of both SWIFT and The Payments Association. Ian's leadership skills and ability to inspire within such a complex landscape is unsurpassed.

In this episode Luke sits down with Ian to talk through the importance of distilling information into stories, analogies and headlines in order to achieve the big goals.


00:00     Intro
01:00     Bringing authenticity and context
02:48     Followership 
03:46     Storytelling
08:05     Success = empowerment + accountability
11:32     Career Planning
15:02     Recall, preparation and simplification
18:47     The importance of headlines
21:29     The flagpole on the hill
23:28     When covid hit..
26:38     The three week trust test
29:28     Listening when problems occur
31:23     Injecting agitation, while supporting the team
35:00     The Change Dragon
36:55     The future of the CIO role
38:57     Investing your time wisely
40:56     Accountability and measuring the shift
44:50     The power of storytelling

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