Qurated Network does 50k in a day

Qurated Network and Talentedge have joined forces to raise money for the AHOY centre – a water sports based charity – with a 50km endurance row. Our team consists of one experienced rower and six foolhardy others, who will row from the Meridian line to the Queen Elizabeth Bridge and back on July 29th.

Our target is £4000,which the AHOY centre will use to continue their work with disadvantaged children, young vulnerable people and those with disabilities offering them the opportunity to learn new skills along with the AHOY running courses and programmes to train them to gain qualifications and life skills needed or employment.

Having completed two out of four training sessions, our team range from the cautiously optimistic to the more realistically pessimistic. By our estimates the entire row should take anywhere between five and eight hours, depending on the tide, weather and morale of the team.

This 50km charity row is about more than laughing and wincing at the teams’ weather misfortunes and painful blisters – this is a chance to give something back to those that don’t have the opportunities we have.

You can donate to this excellent cause by sponsoring us here. Donations of all sizes are appreciated!