The opportunities presented by new technology are incredibly exciting

* dealing with legacy is not

Are you leading technology, or led by technology?

Strategic technology leadership is the lynchpin of business success. As companies shift from waterfall to agile, on-prem to cloud and big bang to continuous deployment, leaders need to not only solve problems - but create opportunities.

You’re investing in technology to move your business forward. Qurated is the perfect recruitment partner to achieve the best return on that investment.

Accessing the top 10% of the talent market.

When you’ve got key technology hires to make, we can identify and engage the right people for your organisation quickly.

We’ve spent years building our network and have relationships with the best technology leaders and experts in the industry.
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  • Technology Leadership – CIO / CTO / CPTO
  • Solution & Technical Architecture
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cyber Security & IT resilience
  • Data security & Information Architecture
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • ERP, CRM & Specialist Systems
  • Dev Ops
  • Development & Engineering

Strategic recruitment that drives your business forward

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Diversity of thought, unity of vision.

At Qurated, we know that great minds don’t think alike - our unique search methodology and the impressive reach of our network enable us to thoroughly map the market and deliver a shortlist of brilliant candidates from a variety of backgrounds.

Find out how we can support you in achieving your DE&I goals.
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An investment in technology,
is an investment in people

Behind any tech advancements you need highly skilled people who are excited about the challenges in front of them.

People are your #1 asset and having the right people on board is the most effective way of ensuring outsized business success. That's why we exist, to help you invest in the best possible human assets.


A Modern Technology Organisation

Greg Horton, CTO at Fairstone, talks through the essentials for creating a modern technology organisation.

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